Real estate investment business structure

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Hey Alfredo,

First off, I am not a CPA nor attorney and I would suggest you speak to one.

There are people who use different entities and prefer one over the other. Some would say an S-Corp because you only pay self employment tax and others would say they only use LLC's in real estate. You can also setup an LLC taxed as an S-corp.

I would talk to a CPA in your area.

Hope this helps.

@Alfredo Martinez

@Ryan Saulle is right - Before the new tax law, this was a little easier to answer. LLC electing S-Corp status is usually beneficial when flipping houses, but be careful that your CPA helps you with the "reasonable compensation" aspect- as that would be the main audit risk. Also if you run other businesses, a different structure might be more helpful.

Currently, seeing that the corporate tax rate was lowered significantly, depending on how much profit you want to reinvest in the business, an actual corporation may have some benefits as well.

I'll say that generally an S-Corp would be the way to go, but there may be situations that make a corporation tempting.

Be sure to work with a CPA that knows your specific situation.