Newbie moving to Denver, CO this fall

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Hi All,

My name is Tanner and I'm currently living in NJ. My gf and I will be moving to Denver this fall, most likely in October. We're waiting on the final word, but we'll be moving to Element47 in Highlands. I couldn't be more excited about moving and starting my REI career once there.

I discovered BP 3-4 years ago when I was first introduced to REI by successful friends in a Multi Level Marketing company I was apart of. I didn't do much with it then, but I found my way back a couple months ago when I confirmed the 9-5 life wasn't for me.

I've been listening to podcasts, reading forums and blog posts pretty much daily since. I just received "The Book on Flipping Houses" and "Flip" in the mail this week, so I will be diving into them. Which leads me to my goals in REI - the end goal is to build a rental portfolio that will provide enough income to allow me to quit my job, but I'm not in a place financially just yet to start that. So I'm looking to start my REI in the flix and flip market to build up the funds to help purchase rental properties.

I'm curious to see if you guys have any opinions on where you see a lot of fix and flips happening in/around Denver? Or what neighborhoods flippers currently seem to be moving towards?

I'm excited to get to Denver and attend the meetups and networking events! Denver seems to have an awesome REI network with a lot of great people in it! Looking forward to meeting you all.



Hi Tanner, Welcome to BP. There are flips everywhere. It all depends on the price point and condition of the flip. There are a lot of old houses that need help. 

For a lower entry point, Thornton, Aurora and federal heights are good places to start. 

I've noticed a bunch of flips going on near me in different areas of Lakewood. But I have to agree, you can find them everywhere, just depends on your price point! One investor that I know keeps his search for properties from the front range (Golden area), to the western half of Denver. Just depends on your real estate goals!