Rehab loan in Arizona

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I just received a loan to purchase my first fix up project. My agent just put in the offer and we’re optimistic it will get accepted. I plan to do a brrrr investment but now need the funding for the rehab portion. Does anyone in Arizona have any advice on where to find the funds for the rehab? I’m also open to possibly finding a partner to help with the deal

You can use a line of credit to perform a majority of the rehab and then pay it off once you refinance. I would have that money lined up before putting in an offer. I think you'll find a lot of people reluctant to provide gap funding on something that isn't a flip, especially on your first project. There just wouldn't be a lot in it for them.

Hello Adam, 

I am a wholesaler looking to get into fixing and flipping in a partnership. I own a couple lines of credit and have saved a good amount of money. If you’re still open to the partnership, perhaps we could talk further. 

@Alina Sopt Hi Alina. I’d definitely be interested in a partnership. I’m from Tucson and know the town very well. This place is very good for fix and flip opportunities. I’m currently working with a private lender for the properties to invest in and with a partnership to help with the rehab I’m confident we both can make this successful. Let me know if you’d like to know more. Thank you
@Adam Martinez Hi Adam, I am a fix and flip lender and just about every lender I know will give you a loan for the rehab. Is there a reason why they aren't giving you the rehab funds? Is there just not enough equity for it? Reach out to me, I can get you the rehab funds and the acquisition costs up front if the deal makes sense.