Just getting started. Any tips on getting the ball rolling?

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I’m 22 and feel I’m in the best position to start flipping houses. I still want to keep my full time job, and I have a strong family supporting me. Me, my brother, and my sister want to go at it as a team and I feel we would be really successful. I’ve been to seminars, read tons of books, and did a quIte a bit of research. I just want any feed back from successful (or non successful) flippers that have tips on how they got started. I don’t want to crash and burn but I’m also ready to crash and learn.

1. Never rent to, employ, or go into business with family.
2. Find a smokin deal, do very little work and resell it. When I use to flip properties I learned the the less you do, the less risk and the more you make. Big rehabs are a risky business.

For example, the best flip I ever did was a house that was move in ready when I bought it. We offered a low price, they took it. I then hired a painter to paint the brick on the front of the house. Cost me $200.00. I listed the house and sold it for an $8000 profit.