Yard Signs to Drive New Business

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Hi All, first post here at Bigger Pockets. I want to note if that topic has been discussed, I’m not sure how to search on the app and I apologize in advance. With that said 18” x 24” staked yard signs - thoughts - success rate - strategies, where to post/when to post - other Thanks Mike San Diego CA

Hi Michael,

I have a few signs with my company name, number and website on them. I always post them in the yard of a rehab whether it's for a rental or a flip. I put them out day one and keep them out until they are rented or sold.I generally see an increase in traffic while it's up and I do receive phone calls looking for other properties, so it's working in some way. 

I put up signs in the front yards of my rehabs. It generally drives some calls. About half of those are realtors who are trying to get a sense of what the selling price will be so that they can comp other properties for their clients. And there are also a lot of tire kickers who claim to want to purchase but 9.9 times out of 10 are not qualified yet with a lender. So I pretty much send all of these calls to my Realtor to deal with.