Lubbock Real Estate Market

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Hi BP Family! Well I’m currently looking to get started investing in Lubbock, Texas. I moved to Lubbock from San Angelo back in 2016. I have one rental in San Angelo currently that I acquired by probate and I’m looking to hit the ground running here in Lubbock. How is the real estate market in Lubbock? My plan is to do a few fix & flips and move over to the BRRRR strategy to build up my portfolio. Looking forward to hearing from you!

@Christoval Esquivel hope you've enjoyed living here in Lubbock these past couple years! The market here is exceptional, due in part to its lack of dependence on any single industry. The diversification of industries here among the healthcare, education, energy, technology, and finance sectors allows for a strong economy that grows steadily year-on-year and suffers minimal impact from market hits.

The potential to fix-and-flip is high here, as well as the opportunity to BRRRR. Certain neighborhoods are going to provide better returns than others, but it all comes down to your risk tolerance and timeline. If you'd ever like to chat in more detail, feel free to reach out and we can set up a phone call or grab a coffee! Best of luck and hope to cross paths with you soon.

-Matt Moreland

@Christoval Esquivel    
There has been a lot of slow down in the sales and rentals. Certain investors are tightening up their wallets right now and not moving on deals.     We feel the rental demand will catch back up in a couple years, but there has been lots of overbuilding for student housing. Rentals are suffering across the board..   
So that means there are some killer deals to be found with less competition! Just get out there my brother.  :D