Asbestos and lead based paint

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I made an Offer on a property built in 1932 this week that has asbestos tile roof, lead based paint, and potential asbestos contamination in other areas. My original scope was around 45k in repairs. I have never replaced an asbestos based roof or remediated An entire property of lead-based paint, but I wanted to add that into my rehab budget. From what I find online the cost is basically $10-$15 for asbestos remediation per square foot and lead-based paint for mediation is about the same per SF to fully remove and dispose professionally. I can go ahead and assume that my painting budget as well as my roof budget will DOUBLE with asbestos and lead based paint correct? Just want some ”rough estimate” feedback :) i will have a contractor Walk property with me during the due diligence period To be certain... Thank you!

If you've got asbestos in the wallboard compound, all bets are off. You're going to end up removing all of the wallboard (and trim) and then bringing the entire house up to code and then recladding and retrimming the house.