Finding fix and flips

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@James Brunetto, jr

One way is to look on websites like tulia, Zillow, where you can search for properties.

Another is talk to an agent. Give them your buying criteria and they can send you notifications from the MLS

Word of mouth works to. Talk to people and tell them what your looking for

Hope that helps!

Now days, being the internet age, there are several websites that sell you there programs for finding, flipping, and selling properties. some provide you will everything you need to do it all right from your livinroom and they even have a list of investors willing to buy your property right from the web as well or possibly after a personal inspection . Some work with hired vitual assistants that provide all of the leg work, provide pictures and even cost estimates from contractors working with their programs as well. Just do a word search on the internet and I am sure you will find something to get better informed.

@James Brunetto, jr  

1. Get on as many wholesaler lists as possible

2. Search for your own criteria on the Redfins/Zillows/etc

3. Connect w/ as many agents as you can and let them know you are looking for fixers

4. Go to one meetup per week and network

As soon as you know it, you'll be in escrow.

All the best!


I am in escrow for 2 properties that I bought off  With that website you just have to wait until they really want to sell, so bid each time, even if you are the only bidder, then eventually they 'let' you win.  (They bid against you, but they seem to know where you will stop eventually after a few rounds.)  

One auction ended Sept 10 and we will close next week Sept 29.  The other will be a little less than 30 days to close, the exact closing date is not set.

After hearing horror stories about closing taking months, I was quite surprised.  The sellers, each a major bank, signed the sales contract within 2 days and signed the deeds within a week.  We are waiting for title to finish.

I have looked and bid on other auction sites, but have not won on them yet.

I'd recommend you set your price and just hold firm.  They will bid against you so it does no good to hold back unless you are over their generally way too high hidden minimum bid.

And if someone else overbids and gets it, so what, just look for another house!  With these houses you have to leave a lot of room for a disaster inside since all you can do is look in a window.