Great Atlanta Neighborhoods for beginners in 2018/2019.

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I am looking to find some hot and upcoming Neighborhoods in Atlanta for me to start rehabbing or using the BRRR method. I am hearing that the West End and East Atlanta is some good areas to start. Please share your thoughts!!

@Cedrick Layton Those are some good areas. Also seeing a lot of growth over in Decatur and the West side over their near the Bellwood Quarry development. A lot of those houses are going to be older though so may not be the most ideal for a light rehab. Metro areas are typically going to be a little newer in terms of year built. Lots of different areas to invest in. 

@Cedrick Layton You might want to start with the age/complexity of the house first.  If you're intown, then 1950's ranches are a good house to buy and rehab.  You'll find that they look very similar inside and out so you can learn how to efficiently rehab them and repeat the process.  These are moderately complex - rewire, replumb, water intrusion, rotten kitchen and bath floors, reconfigure for master ensuite, and open kitchen/den.

West End is very hard -- 100 year old homes, so lots of complex framing issues, super competitive, and require full gut rehabs or pop the top.  

OTP, I'd look for 1980 or new houses that need cosmetic rehabs. McDonough and Kennesaw would be where I'd start if I were a newbie today.

@Ethan Henning  Looking near the Bellwood Quarry development is a great idea. I know when news about new developments comes out it could be a gold rush but I am going to look into it anyway and hopefully, there are some good properties for newbies. If not I will have to find a partner on BP so that I can invest in the area. I think it has the potential to start turning around like the area around the MB stadium. 

@Rick Baggenstoss Thanks for the breakdown! When I search for homes in the West End area I try to use a minimum of two baths to eliminate some of the older homes. Also, it is difficult to find a decent road with a low amount of boarded-up houses, so I think I will shy away from that area until I get a partner with some experience.

Mcdonough and Kennesaw are two areas I haven't really looked but being from Atlanta I can see exactly what you mean. Both areas should have houses less than 15 years old that require a little amount of work. 

What are your thoughts on Norcross and Lawrenceville earlier?