Advice for beginners

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Looking for advice. I have nothing except about $10k in the savings account and drive to do something besides work my life away. Iv been reading different post on here over the last few days and have the general concept but it’s seems like to much to take in for a beginner, any advice would be appreciated

Hey @Owen Michehl you have taken the right first step by joining Bigger Pockets. Hit up the events page and find a meetup first off. Do you have a w2 job? Got some free time and do you own a home yet? 10K will go a long way toward your first deal! 

@Justin Brown I have a w-2 job which gives me a little over 3 months off every year. I’d planned on using that time to work on a flip house, I do not own my own home, Currently it’s just me and my rent is free for maintenance on the house I’m staying in so I have no Borrowing power to speak of
@Justin Brown never thought about that. My base plan is to by something cheap fix it, sell it and use what I make from the first one to buy two more, and repeat the process, I know it won’t be that easy but that’s just my general idea, Iv also considered getting into rent house but that on down the road wen I have time to be there for them. At the end of the day I’d like to bring home around 150k a year