Financing options with new job

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I just sent out letters to owners of vacant houses in my city. 

But I have a l new job paid via commission , but solid hourly wage work history. I have good credit  740+ and very little debt. 20k to put toward deal. 

I would like to flip or brrrr when I find a deal where the numbers work. My trouble is how to refinance from a hard money loan with my job situation. I don't want to just even do a flip with out a back up plan to get out of a hard money loan

What are some options to look into? 

I've thought of 3 so far

Seller financed deal

Credit union 

Partner with someone who can get conventional financing.

I would appreciate any input thanks!

There are a few of unconventional lenders who can refi you into a long term loan with a stated income loan. 

No job info needs to be verified and no tax returns are collected