Converting an office space to a duplex

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There is a 1200 sf commercial building for sale for 50k.  It's not in a great neighborhood, it was previously a chiropractors office.  The price is good though, I'm wondering if it would make sense to buy and turn into a duplex, or even 3 studios?  Anyone have experience with that, I know from a city planner that it's zoned for 2 or 3plex already.  I don't know how to go about changing to 3 addresses, how to address utilities, heating and any other requirements (e.g. 2 doors per dwelling or 1?).  Any help you could offer would be great.  I think a studio would get 450-500 a month, a duplex, maybe $675

I think you'd have to make a trip down to the city permitting/zoning office in person.  I feel like the answers you're looking for vary so much from one municipality to the next any advice given from knowledge gained from elsewhere may not be relevant to your situation.