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Wondering what cabinets flippers and BRRRs are installing. Hardwood, MDF, Plywood, etc ? What is best? What is most cost efficient? Any advice on which RTA dot com to source? I am working on my third buy and hold BRRR which will be a live in flip and the kitchen will need to be redone. I am also thinking about doing a DIY concrete countertop. Any advice in regards to sellability/rentabity based on experience with concrete countertops would be much appreciated.

@Dustin Little I am in the middle of rehab on a new 19 unit acquisition in Berwyn, IL. I am putting in solid wood cabinets that I got from a local cabinet shop. I priced the same kitchen design out at the big box stores as well as four or five local cabinet shops. In the end, the pricing was pretty much the same for me to go with very nice quality custom cabinets! 

I also chose to go with granite counter tops. I have a fairly affordable granite guy, and from what I can tell it only costs about $100-150 more per apartment to go with granite. The tenants, however, think it is amazing!  I would check around with some of your local granite folks to price it out. I actually got my granite guy from the cabinet shop btw. 

@Dustin Little

I get my cabinets at the big box stores such as Home Depot or Menards.  They will be new and will be fine.  It is all based on your market.  I like what @John Warren stated.  If you can make upgrades at a reasonable price it separates you from your competition.  We custom make the counters ourselves.  They look high end, but are very inexpensive.

Good Luck.

@Dustin Little To me this all depends on the area and price point of the rental or flip you are rehabbing. 

For the majority of the rehabs on rentals that we do we use cabinets, backsplashes, and countertops from one of the big box stores like Lowes or HD. 

If we are doing a flip on a single family house $250k or above we go granite countertops and custom cabinets.

Depending on your intentions with the property, it may behoove you to drop a little extra $ to go with solid wood. They hold up so much better over the long term and can be painted down the road when a face-lift is needed. I get mine from a cabinet specialty shop. Usually go white, gray or espresso color shaker style -- Super affordable @ ~$1700 / apartment including the bathroom sink.

I also do granite with a white tile subway back splash(~$2,000) . Stainless appliances (fridge, micro-hood, dishwasher, range oven) can usually be purchased on sale from Home Depot or Lowes for less than $1500 if you mix/match. For $5K in materials you get an amazing product that tenants love and sets your listing apart from the competition.

Good luck!   

Check out small local cabinet retailers especially ones near a big box store.  If you get the right one they'll surprise you with their cost.  The big box stores really nail you on the install prices.  I would stick with an inexpensive line of wood box cabinets like Showplace.  According to others on this forum the RTA's have come a long way.

@Dustin Little We used to use Home Depot but recently switched to a local kitchen remodeler that works with investors in the area. HD quoted us $5400 for a kitchen, that's for laminate and no installation. Our cabinet guy quoted us $3200 for the same kitchen with granite and installation. We saved $500 by installing them ourselves. Perfect for a rental, even if it were a flip it'd be great. Another reason why networking is key.

@Dustin Little as others have stated, you can go over board on some of this stuff, and the big box stores are always there. I really think it is worth comparing the big box prices on cabinets with local cabinet shops. It takes a few hours of work to find the "right" cabinet shop, but once you have solid wood cabinets you will never go back to the junk the big box stores sell. 

@Kenneth Garrett PM me if you want my shop. They will deliver to your neighborhood, and are cheaper than Depot or Menards. 

I have had luck with Lily Ann Cabinets (RTA and assembled), RTA Cabinet Store (RTA), and JSI brand through cabinet companies. I have never purchased HD or Lowe's cabinets as I don't care for their available product.

@Jay M. That is what I was most curious about, the RTAs. I viewed a flipped home the other day it had what appeared to be RTA cabinets with all the features, slow close under draw slides and hardwood draws with the slotted cuts.

Then I went into a higher end new construction that had most the same features except the draws were plywood and only nail and glued assembly.

I was hoping to find a RTA dot com store that could provide a similar quality cabinet that was in the new construction home hoping it would be cheaper than the online RTA stores I have found that only catty hardwood draws.

Thanks for the reply