Forcing sale of abandon house

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There is an abandon property in my neighborhood that I want to buy and rehab. It has been an adventure tracking down the owner and I have reached a dead end. I’ve talked with the county auditor, probate officer, attorney, etc. I’ve found out the family history of the property and finally talked to a relative who gave the the name of an unreachable next-of-kin.

I know there are half a year of taxes owed. Has anyone forced the sale of a property through the county or the sheriff’s dept? The property is in bad shape with roof collapsing in a small spot and animals leaving in it.

Advice would she so helpful! Thanks!

Difficult situation.  Someone may have bought the taxes.  If not, there could be a tax auction coming up and you should bid on the unpaid real estate taxes.  

Cities can move to take possession of abandoned properties, but it is unlikely that the outcome would result in your getting that property.

I don't see any way you could force a sale if you have no interest in the property. If you bought an overdue tax lien, maybe. 

If there are local ordinances about overgrown yards or things like that you could report it over and over hoping they get cited and decide to sell.

Some people would squat for a while and claim ownership. Some locales have weird rules about that.

The only thing to do is keep tracking down the owner. Google skip tracing.

Just happened to come across this that might help

@Daniel Townsend It's your first post welcome to BP. 

Firstly just because something looks like it should be a deal does not mean it is a deal. Some deals are just not do-able.

Generally all states have some type of tax sale when property taxes are not paid. The property or a tax lien against the property is sold. In situations where the heirs are unreachable, a tax sale can be the best way to get the property back into productive use. 

However tax sales can be quite competitive and counting on getting a specific property isn't likley

@Ned Carey It bums me out thinking that I won’t get the property. There are already several rentals in our neighborhood I just want to rehab and sell before my neighbor because mostly renters. I’ve still got some leads to follow but it does look like I can’t get any help from the county.