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after i sent direct mail 1 specific person reply , i find out  on public record they home unpaid balance is about 243,000  which is at huge different amount  let said ridiculous from which the home is worth , how you guys suggest

to handle this one 

Here's what I recommend:

Ask the owners to obtain a pay-off from their mortgage lender - and any other lien holders on the property (often times this can be obtained online instantly).

Then provide the owners with your valuation of the property.  

If the owners are underwater, ask how they would like to proceed:  can they bring money to the closing table, do they want to approach their lender(s) about a possible short sale, consider staying in the house longer...

Bottom line:  while you may or may not have a deal here when it's all said and done, a respectful approach to addressing what you expect is true - will certainly earn you their respect and (hopefully) their referrals.