Converting Duplex into SFH

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Does anyone can tell me what is the exact process to convert a duplex into sfh ? 

i mean step by step (architectural planning / permits etc...) 

just bought a duplex in STL in i'm looking to convert it into a single home and sell it. 

it's my first conversion and i'd like to minimize mistakes.. 


@Regev Israel keep in mind that duplexes usually are located around other duplexes, and even if you convert to a SFR, it may not hold the same ARV as an identical home with only other SFRs in the area/street.

Keep that in mind. 

All the best!


In my area there is no special process to convert a duplex to a SFR. I could simply frame a door opening between the 2 units if I wanted.

I suspect in your case you would take your best guess at which local building department has jurisdiction.  Then call that location and give them the address to confirm if it is their jurisdiction.  If it's not theirs, ask if they can tell you who has jurisdiction for zoning and building codes.  Once you determine who has jurisdiction, those folks will likely be able to answer your question.

(In general, in my anecdotal experience, going from a "greater" zoning use, like R2 which is the common designation for a duplex in my area, to R1, which is the common designation for a SFR in my area, is easy and automatic. On the other hand, going from an R1 to an R2, or some other "greater" zoning use, is not necessarily easy at all.)

Good luck with your endeavor!