Build a crew or stay with subs...

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Build a crew, or stick with subs. Long question warning...

Started with one sub, he like us and we like him. But he can’t keep up ( I have 5 houses lined up).

So I hired a handy man on straight time

Both of these guys are worth the money I’m paying them and I’m probably getting a good deal. However, neither of them want to go w2. But neither of them have work comp either. I have been getting quotes for work comp and insurance and I am starting to wonder if having employees And building a crewi s better or worse than just hiring a licensed and bonded subs. I realize it’s been done both ways, but my question is what are the pros and cons of both directions. And is it reasonable to have a hybrid situation.? I just hired a project manager who will be a salary position, so Insurance and payroll will still be a part of my life.

Insights appreciated.

I like hiring out a crew (option #3).  Keep all of the auditing issue on someone else and keep overhead low.  I'm sure there is a breakpoint on costs.    Do you have enough deal flow all year around to keep personal crews busy?  I hear that being one of the biggest objections to hiring your own crew.