Dolt unit heat pumps

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I have an older 3 bedroom, built 1920. The home has never had central air. Has anyone had any luck with split units when doing rehab on older home? Any input would be great.



@Ron Hall , mini-splits are a great option. The variables are:

  • Building foot print: If you have a lot of small rooms that would each require separate head units, the cost may get to be too much. Additionally, you have to run the refrigerant lines to each indoor unit and allow for a place to drain the condensate.
  • Electrical service: If you only have 50-amp service, for example, you'll need to upgrade. Even 100-amp may not cut it depending on what else the house runs.

Mini-splits can also heat, so if you can get the unit buttoned up, they provide an all-in-one solution. If you have a really leaky, uninsulated property, the mini-splits may not be able to keep up on the coldest days.