In search of a contractor for a fix and flip (HTX)

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Hi BP community.  

I'm new to REI and may have found my first deal. In search of a trusted contractor in Houston TX. I need someone who is trusted, licensed, reputable and offers detailed scope of work description (versus bulk number).

thanks in advance

@Mauricio Quintana - Welcome and congrats on your first deal. I would suggest you get  scope of work and budget together and just start reaching out. The more details you provide the better chance of getting what you want. A couple of "tips" for you. If you don't have a budget to pay pro's then you wont get a pro job and you won't get a pro price for your project. You can buy your own materials and save some stress/money if you take the time to shop around a bit. And finally there is no such thing as a licensed general contractor in TX. (right to work state) However, M.E.P. do need to be licensed. Just make sure you pull permits for any work, make sure every trade has liability insurance, AND that they either have workers compensation OR sign a release of liability for worker compensation. (last thing you want is all your profit going to a guy who sprains his ankle on your project.) Finally, get releases of lien before paying anyone. i.e. contingent releases allow for them to give you the notarized doc but it not be any good until they get their money. (win-win)

Anyway, good luck. Houston is  great market and TONS of trades to choose from. Be diligent, be patient, and you will find a great team.

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Not my zone of genius.

I love this.  

I am for sure going to make sure that I use this in a sentence today (won't be that challenging in my case to find a good applicable context).

@Mauricio Quintana - Thats a great mentality, its just easier said than done. "Hire a contractor" is what everyone wants to do, and yet is the #1 reason people claim their projects fail. I am suggesting that simply claiming to be a contractor, in TX, means nothing more than they have a business card. You must know what you want and why before reaching out to people. I am merely suggesting that you educate yourself before you hire someone, unless you are willing to pay a full service GC retail pricing to handle every aspect, you will need to know some stuff.