Hard money lender in south jersey?

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Hello purchased a flip in January at a sheriff sale. Im looking to finish it up but am coming up a little short on fund to complete the project. Id like to find a hard money lender for a very short turn around. I hope to have the house completed within a month. I tried to call a national lender but they would only finance a minimum of 75K and they said I did not have a mortgage. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this type of lender that best suits me? Much appreciated...

@Derick Robinson I second what @Stephen Kappre said. Ashmore Partners (Anthony Susco) are fantastic hard money lenders in South Jersey. I've done multiple loans through them and they have always delivered. If its under 75k you might run into min problems no matter where you go though. Its hard for lenders to make any money on loans less than 75k.