What Materials add VALUE for remodel?

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FYI -- my plan is flexible but the goal is to rent on airbnb for a year or two then sell if value goes up.

  • Flooring type -- LVP or Tile? Can anyone link to a specific type that looks great, is durable and not to hard to install?
  • Kitchen -- Does cabinet type/style really matter? 
  • Base molding -- worth the money/cost?
  • Toilet - which one is best for rental (i.e. strong flush power)?

Any other tips are greatly appreciated!

Hi Jeff -- You may need to add more detail to get responses to your questions. What part of the country is this? Is your question about LVP vs Tile for the entire home or just the kitchen/bath areas? It's not common to have tile throughout the house unless it's in an area near water, sand, etc which is why I asked about location. Do you have a property already or still looking? There are many other aspects to consider for an airbnb rental vs a "normal" rental. Without knowing much about your property or location I'd say a decent thick LVP with foam backing is a reasonable alternative to tile but the substrate needs to be very flat for either of those so preparation is key to a good result. The one sold by Sam's Club is decent. Floor and Decor has good options too. Kitchen cabinets - a clean shaker style is pretty timeless and not very expensive. Base molding serves a purpose especially if you are having a property cleaned frequently. You'll have less damage to the walls from the vacuum cleaner. Toilets all flush down the same size pipe so my plumber says it's not worth the extra money. However, sturdy is important.

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