How Do I Get Rehab Experience Without Spending Money

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Hey BP!

Does anybody have any recommendations on how I could gain some rehab experience without investing any money? I would love to gain some sweat equity before I invest in my first multi-family property.

Open to all suggestions! Thanks in advance

@Terel Soares I would start by finding other local investors. Join your REIA if there's one locally, or reach out to people here on BP. Many of us have alerts setup so that if someone mentions our area we get an alert. At that point I'd network and offer free help in exchange for learning rehabbing. It's a win-win when you bring value to the table.

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Is it construction experience that you seek? Because there's so much work out there right now you can probably find a guy who's willing to employ you PT. Then you can actually make money while learning a valuable skill. 

@Terel Soares The consensus on this I think will be make yourself available and provide value to a local contractor working on a job. My father was a GC for 40 years so I used to work on sites with him as a teenager. He told me he did it so I would always have a trade skill to fall back on and so I wouldn't want to do manual labor the rest of my life (that lesson landed big time.) He said with my experience even at 18 I could walk on any job site and ask to be an apprentice and I would be ok. It might not be that easy if you have zero experience but if you find a way to fill a need for somebody I believe they will be willing to show you the ropes. Hope this helps and best of luck!