Turn converted space into duplex

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Hello all, what do I do? We purchased a home 3 years ago in Modesto, CA that already had detached garage converted and built into 2 bd, 1 ba apt. The space wasnt included on sq ft description of home i believe because it was built many years ago. My question is how do i get it officially approved for its own address/ making this a multi unit location. We bought to have space for aging grandparents and would love to be able to rent out.. legally.. Thanks for all the help!

Hi Lee, you'd want to go down to the county assessor's office.  They may have you go to the recorder's office also for documentation, but the assessor should handle the nuts and bolts of it.  You can rent it out legally without adding a separate address though.   A friend of mine just has a requirement for tenants to have a PO box for mail.