WiFi Hotspot for Job Site

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We need to secure our job site with more than locks. It is a fairly large complex and I will do alarm system on some units (planning SimpliSafe) and cameras at some. Cameras are mostly to secure materials and equipment. Is anyone using a portable hotspot for wifi for cameras? Simplisafe has its own cellular radio for security but the cameras require wifi. Ideally, we'll need to setup wifi to go about 100 yards from the hotspot or get multiple hot spots depending on the best solution.

1. Is anyone using a cheap hotspot for job sites, no contract, cheap h/w?

2. Anyone have something they prefer over SimpliSafe for security?

3. Anyone using SimpliSafe cameras and happy or not?

4. Anyone happy with another camera solution?

I assume all camera solutions need a wifi hot spot?

Thank you Roni. That looks like a strong surveillance solution. Are you using this? It requires a broadband connection and that is what I’m really asking about. I’m hopeful for a cheap, h/w hotspot using cellular that I can install and move from site to site to provide the WiFi.