After searching and reading a few blog posts. I came across a few good post telling me my best bet is to partner up with other investors. So what I did was went online reached out to a few wholesalers searching for A great deal. Like two days ago I open my email up and found a property in Florida that's for sale for 105 with 80k and rehab With the ARV of 295! So running the numbers I figured this was a good deal to show one of my friends who was doing flips and rehab but didn't know nothing of the system of bigger pockets. After explaining everything to him about building a Per-folio he said he was in but his money was tied up in a property that he just purchased. But could come up with the rest of the rehab money. So we hung up the phone that night and the very next morning he called me back telling me he had an friend who wanted to invest and the friend had 100K ready to go but the only thing would be we would split it three ways that's when I remember watching one of the videos where it said whatever it takes to make the deal happen even if taking a split or adding multiple partners. So without a doubt I told him sure let's make it happen! So I called the Realtor to the property back and scheduled an appointment to visit the property this Friday will keep y'all posted on what happened!