BRRRR - Refinance Part

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Good morning !

We recently converted a 3/2 single family home into a 5/2. We added 2 bedrooms in the back of the house (large room split in 2) with no permits.

I really thought it would be no big deal but I’m starting to get concerned about these bedrooms addition done without permit.

How will this affect me at resale?

Will the property appraiser during the refinance process appraise the property as a 5/2 bedrooms or will use the public records data 3/2?


It will be considered a 3/2 since the additional rooms were added illegally.

You need to get those 2 bedrooms permitted and up to code for them to be accounted for.

@Brian Garrett thank you so much for your reply

In other words the appraiser will only look at 3/2 comps even though he discovers 5 bedrooms while inspecting?

If that's the case that will negatively affect my ARV, didn't anticipate that..

If I chose not to do anything, could I still sell it in a few years or I’ll run into a buyer that will want me to rectify this?

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