How to get investor financing?

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I have a successful track record as an individual designer/flipper. Last year I worked for a developer and learned the biz, and I've done 3 personal flips so far with homes selling well over asking. I'd like to expand and have myself and my crew working on 2-3 properties in a location to maximize our time. I don't have a steady income because I do this full time, but my credit score is good. How do I find a financing partner? Some people have the money and are looking for the deals. I have the instincts to find properties and the design/construction skills to get the rehab done, but I don't have the funding. I'm in escrow for a property now (all cash purchase) and am looking at other homes in the neighborhood that I would buy if I had the funds.

Christa - have you looked into hard money lending?  Check the BP Facebook page and BP Rookie Facebook page, people are always posting hard money lending sites/investors on there and is a great way to get in contact with them.  

@Christa Martin , are you wanting an investor or a lender?  Investors will put up money and take part of the profits.  A lender will put up money, and you will owe them a fixed interest amount, and often other fees.  If something goes wrong, the lender can take the property and likely come after you personally for the money.  An investor takes their loss.

For both, network.  For lenders, google is your friend for private rehab lenders, hard money lenders, fix and flip lenders, etc.  For investors, networking tends the be the typical way.  Talk to friends and family, ask them for names and numbers of people that might be interested.  On the investor front, I would have a nice package of your track record, and all the numbers associated with each project to help the investor understand what they might make by partnering with you.