Rental property kitchen with 10 ft ceilings

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Hello - We are rehabbing a kitchen, which was gutted when we closed, with 10 ft ceilings. Its in a mid-range property - a 4 BR duplex that we will seek about $2-$2.2k rent, hopefully a B+ property in a B market. Trying to find nice looking, but also affordable & durable cabinets. There is a fairly significant price difference between cabinets are 36" vs. 42" - but wondering if the 36" would look too short for such tall ceilings? Any advice much appreciated - this is our first BRRRR!

@Clare Yuritch

I agree the 36” cabinets will look kinda funny with such high ceilings. For a B+ property it’s probably worth the extra expense.

If you're looking to out-shoot the comps then you should have better amenities.  Nicer counter-tops, cabinets, lights, fixtures, etc. . .  Otherwise, a prospect will see you priced at 10% (or whatever you are) higher than the similar competition and just go with the cheaper option. 

Will the prospects at that price point notice?  I suspect they will -- my partner suspects they won't.  

You can also compete on other things like included lawn care, pets allowed, stuff that tenants care about but also benefits you by allowing a better price.