Kitchen Pantry in BRRR

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I think I know the answer to this, but keep second guessing myself!

We are remodeling a gutted 4 BR / 2 BA ~1,750 SF Unit A (of duplex). It's expected to be probably a B+/A- rental in a B area. The kitchen is nicer than the competition (most are not updated and ours will be fully, new everything - white shaker cabinets, stainless appliances, granite and an island). We were able to keep it all well within budget and should BRRR well with hopefully a slight premium on rent vs competition.

The kitchen is about 13 x 8, with 10 ft ceilings.  Will have 42 tall cabinets, lazy susan, island with cabinets and otherwise decent cabinet space in my opinion. 

BUT it currently doesnt have logical space for a pantry.  I could have a pantry cabinet along a different wall - but it would also have us going about 15% over budget - which I don't love!  

My gut is that its not needed and if wasn't there, wouldnt be noticed or missed... but for a 4BR rental, I would appreciate any second perspectives!

It's unclear to me if each side of the duplex has 4br or if each side is 2br/1ba. If this is for a 2br/1ba unit you would be fine without the pantry. If this unit is a 4bd/2ba then it would likely be a family staying there and they could use the extra food storage. I'm not sure why installing a pantry cabinet would be that expensive but in the grand scheme of things, if your property still cash flows who cares?

@Clare Yuritch depending on room you could also just put an actual pantry closet instead of a cabinet probably less money.  For a cabinet an 15/18 inch wide is cheaper then a 24 inch if they try to talk you up. Slide outs add cost so just get regular shelves.  If  they are  without bells and whistles they won't notice the absence of bells and whistles.

The other option is if there is a space for an after market freestanding cabinet that naturally fits you can just allow for that.