Converting a property to a wedding venue

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Hey guys I just wanted to grab some thoughts about turning an 1887 Victorian mini mansion into a wedding venue.

Have you or anyone you know successfully started a venue, what did learn?

Is there anything in particular I should look out for (zoning and other laws)

Do (did) you enjoy your experience running the wedding venue?

Any thoughts would be great, just kinda spit balling right now - thanks guys, Nick.

I've thought many times about doing the same type of thing, it's just that I've reached an age that I don't want another business to run. It seems like it would be really expensive to set up at first. For areas that would be used by the guests, you would need furnishings to match 1887. You also need the yard manicured to have weddings in the yard. What about parking? Is there room? Is there a water tank house? Could it be converted into living quarters? Zoning could be a problem. We had one farm family set up a very cute barn for parties, but they were shut down by the county, because it wasn't appropriate for a farm. 

If you decide to do this "business", surround yourself with people that really know weddings, like a really popular wedding planner, photographer, caterer. You need advice from your "partners" on how to make this successful.

Good luck, Nicholas.