Foundation Repair

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Hey guys, I'm closing in on a deal.. My one concern at this point is the foundation.. The owner was replacing the block in the basement, but I guess he ran out of steam ( money ).. He wasn't to bright, didnt realize cost value.. Anyways, what guildline are to be followed in PA for foundation repair?

This is the biggest problem. But this is the type of stuff we live for, right? Fix it, sell it..

Would this be a big job? See pic, I plan on doing the work myself, with some help, but not contractor worthy.,lol :superman:

Thanks guys

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Good Morning charles whitaker, thanks for the input. It's only the 3 top levels, in some spots, but probably 20-30 blocks worth. The foundation is the worst part of the project. I have gathered some brains on this, and told it could be done fairly easy.. I'm looking into the permits today for this, so I know what to expect..

Man I love Mondays :superman:

Good Day and Great Profits

Yeah that doesn't look that bad. I've replaced a lot more bricks on a lot worse looking foundations. I must have forgot my permit, though. Oops. :wink:

Hey guys, passed on this job.. But as far as the permits, I didn't need one, becuase no " structure" changes where being made.. Meaning nothing changed from the original footprints of the home..

Just a heads-up..

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