Insurance on Flips (Florida)

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Wondering what most flippers out there do for insurance on their properties (SFH and otherwise) they are flipping. Specifically this would be on flips I am doing in Florida. Insurance quotes I have received from the big companies are outrageous and they require a roof that is not more than 10 years old or they don't want to insure (although inspection and certification is required). I'm sure it is higher due to the hurricane potential but it is much higher than I paid in MN on my homes. Thoughts? TIA

@Trace H.

I get a builders risk policy. If the roof is being replaced as part of the project, they know it. Have one going which includes a roof replacement and foundation work. It can be tricky to find insurance for these in Florida. Send me a PM and I’ll pass the company I use to you if you want to talk to them about your project.