Oven Range South Bend Recommendation

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Hi all looking for some recommendations for a reliable oven range for my SFH in South Bend. My property manager said they usually buy from the local Lowe's. I know from previous posts some people had suggested getting one from a used appliance store but the PM had recommended against that as reliability might be harder to predict.

I was looking at the electric ones with a smooth top to minimize mess getting inside and maintenance. Any preference for a reliable brand? There are some sales going on right now so will save a little money. 

This one seems decent at $430


Thank you!

Julie's and Bert's are the two used appliance places. I have tried both and had mixed success. If they have a NEW one that is scratched or dented, it is usually a good deal but the used ones are a waste of time. Since you are out of town, I would just buy the cheapest one at Lowes you can find. Most people prefer to cook on gas so if you have the gas line then I would just pickup a cheap regular gas stove.

@Brian Horwitz thank you. With the current sale prices doesn’t make a lot of sense to get a used one. Thanks for the info!

I’ve been buying stuff at Menards in Mishawaka. Town next door to south bend

@Vishal Didwania I just saw this post! We have been using Julie's used appliances at our 20 unit. We replaced a half dozen stoves and several refrigerators from there with good success. The only appliance we had fail this year was a brand new one from Menards... It was just out of warranty believe it or not! I would try Julie's if you are still looking. 

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