Meetup and Networking in cedar rapids

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Hey folks! I think March 18th is our plan for another meet-up from 5:30pm-7pm at the Kirkwood Hotel lobby bar. Short notice but it'll be great if you can make it!

Planning on attending, looking forward to meeting everyone!

Is there any plan to get together in April or later?

I would be interested in the next meeting. 

The next meetup is on Monday, the 22nd. 5:30-7. Had a great turn out last month, Thank you to everyone that came.

Originally posted by @Josh Sladek :

The next meetup is on Monday, the 22nd. 5:30-7. Had a great turn out last month, Thank you to everyone that came.

 Will the next be added to the events calendar? 

Hello @Alycia Ludden the next one won’t be on the event calendar. This is very informal, Check this thread for event updates.

Is there another event planned yet?

Speaking of updates the next meetup will be on Tuesday May 28th, 5:30-7pm at the hotel kirkwood, in their lobby. There is a large meeting table at the far end of the lobby that comfortably seats 10-15. As you walk in the front door take a right and head all the way down. 

I will bring better name tags this time ;)

Would anyone like to propose a topic of discussion? Thus far we have discussed local trends, wholesaling, investment strategies, explored a deal with fire rehab, discussed out of state investing, and have had a few laughs too.

I’d also like to mention that this event is free, but there is a lobby bar (happy hour 4-6) and restaurant attached if anyone is hungry/thirsty.

I am so sorry that I missed this! 

Follow up: Had a great time at the may 28th meetup. Made a big breakthrough. Several of us were just thinking too small in our strategies and not considering how we could both leverage our capital and skills. 

Heard from a successful investor, and left feeling refreshed and uplifted.

No date set for the next meetup. Suggested that Tuesdays May be better in the future.

Also suggested that the next meetup be deal analysis themed, and in an iowa city/ corridor location.

Input is welcomed. Check back on this thread for updates.

I’ve been an able to attend any of these meet up thus far for various reasons, but was wondering if there is anything set up for June or July.

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