High-End Property Rental in Johnson County

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Hi All!

My parents have a 5 bedroom 5 bath SFR with 5,408 square feet in a very nice neighborhood located in Lenexa. I imagine it would sell for between $450-550k, but am not sure how much it could rent for. They are interested in hiring a property manager to rent it out for the next several years.

Can anyone recommend a property manager with experience renting property to corporations and other high-end clients? Any other advice/thoughts would be appreciated. 



Hi Forrest, 

I hope that your New Year is off to a great start!

I realize that your post was a number of months ago but I thought I would still reach out to introduce myself.  I am the Director of Investor Services for Home Rental Services in Overland Park KS.  We specialize in leasing and managing mid to upper bracket rental homes throughout the KC metro.  If your parents are still in need of a management company, we would love to talk to them and see how we can help. 

We look forward to the opportunity!
Thank you,


Hey Forrest, hope you had a good holiday.  I/we do quite a few of these & would be very happy to help.  I'll send you a PM with more details.  I'd be very happy to do a free rental analysis.  

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