Load Bearing Wall Removal

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Just purchased a live in flip in Overland Park KS. Anyone have a contractor they have worked with in the past to remove a load bearing wall and put in a beam? Looking to remove about 11 ft of wall between formal living and great room. It's a two story house and the wall in question is on the first floor. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

Hey Luke, sorry just reading this post. Were you able to find someone to do this for you? PM if we you’re still needing help.

Hi Luke! I recently worked with a framer who did a great job installing a 20' beam for me. He is reasonable as well. I also had to get a letter from an engineer, so that the framer could pull the permit, which he did the same day. Anyway, if you are still needing help, please let me know and I can provide you with the information. Good luck!

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