Best resource for meth lab map

7 Replies | Kansas City, Kansas

I would like to find a map view of KC with drop pins on locations of busted meth houses.  Something that is maintained and updated regularly.  

I cannot find that, although it should be easy to locate.  A number of cities provide this. will allow you to enter an address and let you know the distance from the nearest discovered meth lab.  

The DEA website is unusable because they ask for a state and a date of the incident - that does not get me what I am looking for either.

Any recommendations?

@Benjamin L.- I was listening to the local national public radio station a couple of weeks ago, and a police official was saying almost all of the meth labs have disappeared out of the KC area over the last ten years.  The supply is now coming from other countries.  However, meth use does continue, as it does in all metros.

I only know of the DEA website--if you zoom in on the map to the area of the property, it will narrow down the list below the map to just that visible area.  This has been helpful for me--but I can't tell you how reliable it actually is.

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Buy a house where meth was cooked, pay the biggest environmental remediation bill of your career.  

And on top of that, there is still the stigma that it is a "properly remediated" property. 

Missouri has more meth houses per 100,000 residents than any other state. 

The closest you may be able to get on the Kansas side is the Kansas Bureau of Investigation Offender Registry site. It will allow you to see current residences of offenders convicted of meth manufacturing. They have to register for 15 years. @Ryan Fox is correct that most of the meth is not made in the area as it can be made cheaper by the Mexican cartels and so not many meth labs still exist. Meth precursors, those compounds that are the main ingredients in meth production, have also been heavily regulated in the past decade, making it very difficult to whip up a batch of your own. @Benjamin L. suggestion is a good one if you have specific neighborhoods in mind. Most larger cities will have crime mapping capabilities and you can call the police analyst to get more details with an open records request. Good luck!