Looking for team member suggestions!

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Hello All,

I am looking for suggestions from the community for several members of the team I would like to build in the Lexington area. I would like recommendations for an investor friendly real estate agent and property manager. Also, I would like to hear (or read rather) recommendations on quality contractors and home inspectors. I welcome all suggestions, recommendations, advice, or leads that come my way. Thank you in advance for any help.

@Joedocei Hill  

My favorite home inspectors are:

-Steve Nance with Pruitt Property Inspections

-Carlo Barone with Talon Home Inspections

Contractor recommendations will depend on what you need done. There are plenty of good folks out there, and I would recommend slowing building your contact list as you start needing things done and find good people for each specialty (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, general handyman work, etc.) Definitely hit up the local REIA for advice, too - it is great.

I started using Reliant PM about three years ago when I moved out of town. Except for one dud they have kept the units rented to good tenants. They did a good job of dealing with the dud tenant  I wish their record keeping and reporting on maintenance issues were a little more in depth, but then this is the first PM I have dealt with so I may have unrealistic expectations. I'll be interested in following this thread. 

@Joedocei Hill I would recommend that you reach out and join our group on FB for local contractors, agents and investors. This has been a great way to network and get advice. We share the good and bad experiences with contractors as well. 


Im sure youve found good agents already but just in case your still looking a Great real estate agent id suggest would be Tiffany Jarvis. She works for Elite Re/max in lex. Honestly she i dont think i would have just bought my first duplex without her! Always gives great advice and never pushes anything. She has turned me away from 10+ properties due to pricing and condition so far! Hope this helps! Ill be back in town in early Feb. We should meet some where and go over some of our ideas! Im a multi family/ rehab investor myself.