Louisville Kentucky newbie

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Welcome Latravis! I too am new to BP. Reading throughout the forum and developing you team is the best way to start out. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the USDA provide govt backed mortgages? You might have an inside track there. 

lots of people invest in the west end. It's the most affordable area to start out, but comes with tons of headaches. It depends on your tolerance level for being a landlord. Personally, I would like REI to be as passive as possible. You get that by screening your tenants well and hiring a PM company.

Read the book , " landlord nightmares". It was written by a west end investor years ago. I would try Carmichaels books. I doubt that a national chain would carry it. 

Someone I know invests in the west end and says it's been great. Low cost to purchase and it all comes down to tenant screening. He has had some tenants in there for 4-6 years and when he does have vacancy they rent right away. I sure there are headaches like with anywhere maybe more not sure.