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I have decided it is time to "grow up" as a landlord and hire a RE Attorney to write up a standard rental lease for me.  I'm in the NOLA area.

Do you have any recommendations for a good RE Attorney in this area or a nearby suburb?  Reasonably priced would also be nice...though I realize using "reasonably priced" and "attorney" in the same post is a bit of an oxymoron :).

Originally posted by @Braden Smith :

Try David Birdsong at Gulf South Title. He is very investor friendly and the former president of NOREIA.

Haha, now that you mention him, I'm pretty sure he was the closing attorney for a duplex I bought a few months ago.

Thanks for the recommendation.  He sounds like a great option for what I'm looking for.  I'll give him a call.

The law office of David Birdsong. David was also the president of the New Orleans Real Estate Investor Assoication. 504-780-9202. His office is on Vet's and Melody Dr. in Metaire. David is a great guy.

Birdsong is an awesome Attorney, but he is also a very busy one. If you can't get in with him in a desired amount of time the next best thing is Stella at Winters Title in Metairie. 

Stella Charles

OFFICE – 504.454.2102
FAX – 504.885.3574
I would do email but I think email links are not allowed in posts.