Creating and Maintaining a Subcontractor List

1 Reply | Baltimore, Maryland

Under contract for a primary residence that I will be house hacking.  Shortly after, I am switching gears to purchase my first rental property by this summer.  Looking for solid and dependable subcontractors in the Baltimore area that are "bigger pocket's member endorsed".  If anyone has a solid sub that you can refer to a new investor, I appreciate any and all leads!

@Josh Dickerson congratulations on getting under contract!! you can find several contractors through the network tab on the ribbon at the top of the website. Definitely talk to a few and get competing quotes, ask about the size of their crew, figure out how often you'll pay them. There are plenty of good articles on google about how to perform DD on contractors too. 

People tend to think of contractors as commodities, but that is a fatal error. They are people so get to know who you're dealing with.