Cambridge, MA makes it easier to rent ADUs

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For any Cambridge / Boston area investors who didn't see this news from about six weeks ago...

'new rules in Cambridge will make it far easier for owners of one- and two-family homes to convert basements into the add-on apartments that planning nerds call “accessory dwelling units.” These units will still require special permits, but not zoning variances, which are much harder to obtain.'

Boston Globe - on new rules for accessory dwelling units

Cambridge Day - on the vote to allow basement apartments legally

@John Pauler Great info! Thank you we have 6 multi families in Cambridge as rental properties. It seems like we are in the same markets and could benefit from connecting, I'm working on a condo conversion in Somerville right now and am constantly trying to learn more from other investors in my area and would like to hear more about what else you are doing. 

@Taylor Johnson Always glad to connect, particularly with people doing condo conversions, flips, and commercial, all of which I am interested in getting into. To date, I have two multi families in Somerville, both near Porter Square. Previously I have had condos in Somerville and one in Boston, but going forward I am sticking to multi families, and looking to get into larger projects.

We have a 2 family near Porter right across from Conway Park that we rent out off, right off of Central Street. I love it over there, great area! If you want to get together some time to chat about what your doing/want to do I have some off Market opportunities and some commercial ones you might be interested in or at least learning about. Also, would like to hear your story and see what I can learn from you. Also would be happy to show you a condo project we have going on as well, if you wanted to see it in action. Inbox me if you want to get together. 

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