LEED for Homes Green Rater

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I am an electrical designer and I have my LEED Green Associate Credential from USGBC. I noticed the LEED for homes green rater credential and was wondering if this would help be beneficial to my career as a future real estate investor (focusing on single family rentals in western michigan).

Does anyone else have experience with LEED and this credential?

Hello Alan,

I am a LEED Fellow and have extensive experience in LEED Rating System. I personally don't think Green Rater credential would add too much value to your real estate career. It makes sense if you want to have a career working for or as a LEED consultant. What I can recommend is reading the free LEED for Homes guidelines on USGBC's website as well as other green home ratings such as Enterprise green communities and Earthcraft. Then, you can use this knowledge to make smart decisions if you build new construction or go after green loans or incentives for rehabs. I hope this helps.

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