BUILDER Recommendation - Economical Rental House

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Hello!  This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have any recommendations for home builders that would take a small rental house on as a project?  Builder financing would be a plus.  

I own a house in John Ball Park (Grand Rapids) neighborhood that has a large enough lot to add a second house.  This would turn it into a “detached duplex” in they eyes of the city and my extra large lot complies with the code for that.  I believe I can get 2K rent a month for a 4 bed, 2.5 bath 1350 sq ft in my location for a new build.  

Most custom home builders focus on very high end, large, $200 plus per sq ft work.  I am looking to spend $140 per sq ft or less on this build.



Hi Brandon, I may have an option or two that could work. However are you looking for someone to be a general contractor and run the entire project and all the subcontractors or are you planning to being the general and you just need a builder to take care of the framing, trimming, and the punch list at the end?

Thanks Evan.  I actually just learned I am dead in the water on this because City of GR property size records turned out to be incorrect.  Obviously I am pretty upset at the city about this, but I do not really have any recourse.  At least the property is still a good deal as a single family rental!