Active Tax Lien

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I am using a free trial with and there are delinquent properties listed. Is there a way to purchase a lien and find out how long it will be before it is considered that the owner defaults and I assume ownership of the note?

This kind of question comes up regularly.  The short answer is no.  While the lienholder may in fact sell the note.  If the lien holder is anything other than an individual investor or very small financial company, the note would be sold as part of a large package of delinquent notes.  So this angle is not a practical one.  The way to use this type of information from is to contact the owner and offer to buy the property.  Many people use direct mail for this type of thing.

Great to know. Thank you. Just to be sure I understand. Most notes are a package deal and by contacting the owner I will have a chance to purchase to entire property itself.

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