Cook County Tax Deliquency

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Is there a way to pull the list of properties with delinquent taxes in Cook or Will county (Illinois)? I have checked the websites to no avail and went to the assessors office only to be told there was no such list. Any feedback will help.

I just looked up Will county. The tax lien list should be available from the treasures office. I don't know if you have to register for the tax sale before you can purchase the list. For Will county call the Treasurer/County collector on how to obtain list.. The Cook County list is normally available on disc for about $250.00 from the Cook County Treasurer. Call them not the assessors office.

In Arizona all delinquent property taxes being sold must be published in a newspaper. Maybe that's true in Illinois also because I found this link for St. Clair county showing that all their delinquent tax lists were published.

Searched a little more and found the cook county webpage with instructions on getting the list. Enjoy! Tax sale began June 3, 2016. So are you looking for the tax list purged of those sold? Anyway here's the link.

@Jerome Lanier are you looking for a list of tax liens, or are you trying to fins a list of people who are late on their current taxes - but have not had the lien sold yet? The counties won't create of list of people who are late on their current taxes because they may pay before the sale. They only sell a list of parcels that will be in the tax lien sale.

@Jerome Lanier The listing for Cook county is online at:

The list is a huge download and you can have it here or look at their properties online but you will need to pay 250 to register which is non refundable and it is an online auction but you must attend Cook county to participate.  You will not see an updated list unless it is closer to the auction time. 

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