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My team and I are working to get into liens and deeds to help build up our portfolio as we have come into a large amount of capital from LP's. For those of you that have had SUCCESS in this space, what is the best resource to get educated and where are you pulling your list?

Any additional notes, feedback and advice, would be greatly appreciated.   

Don't pay for any courses.

You can easily learn what need you here on BP.

I get my lists directly from the county.

Check the forums here for more information. Then feel free to ask specific questions.

Originally posted by @David Brizendine :

@John Underwood Thank you for your response. I will continue to dive in here. How many liens/deeds are you purchasing per year going directly to the county?

 I'll buy 25 or so liens and get on average 2 houses every year. One year I got 5. I've had some years where I only get one. But I am building my portfolio over time. I still have most of them and they are all occupied rentals.

I am also buying with my self directed ROTH IRA to generate tax free income. My IRA owns several properties and the rent just goes directly into my IRA. In the non tax lien season I make short term loans to a wholesaler/flipper for more tax free money.

Are you looking to invest in deeds in California?  If you are considering Texas, feel free to contact me in a pm and I will be happy to let you know where to get lists, training, etc.