Charter Financial of Houston Texas

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Is anyone here an agent for Charter Financial of Houston Texas?

I would like feedback from other agents in regards to

1. Have you had any success as an agent?

2. Have you completed deals with Charter Financial?

Lately I sent out 1,400 advertising cards to 1,400 leads they provide received only 1 yes only one response and that was a legal order of cease.

I have several classifieds running with zero results .

I have a custom perf sign on the back window of my SUV with zero results to date

And a heavily promoted website with very low traffic

Did google ads which was a complete flop

Would like some feedback about charter financial and the owner Leland



@Mark Adams ,

I know of Charter Financial, but I don't have first-hand experience. 

As you know already - marketing for seller-financed notes takes a great deal of time, patience, trial, and error. I recommend Note Investing Tools. There's free content on their site. If you like what you find, then I strongly recommend the paid program which provides great value for a very reasonable price.

Postcards have low response rates. I'd consider starting with letters then perhaps following up with a few rounds of postcards. After that, another round of letters and repeat the cycle again with postcards. Lots of ways to skin it, but it can take several touches before a lead responds. 

Best of luck and please let me know if I can be of further help.

@Mark Adams , you are attempting to enter one of the most competitive fields of any real estate related business. In fact, its so competitive in trying to buy a SFR owner financed note, that most note investors have gravitated to buying non performing, under performing or re performing notes from banking institutions, or the asset disposition firms that represent them. Quite frankly new note brokers have very little chance of success. I don't know what you consider a lot of money spent on advertising and marketing, but I can tell you that $10,000 per month won't scratch the surface. In this business, the low hanging fruit has already been picked.

@Don Konipol - That was my experience when I first started, although I've never invested $10K in a single month. Now it's the opposite. I can't say the floodgates have opened, but there's enough deal flow to call it a business, and I believe with consistency it will grow over time. 

On a personal note, I enjoy the conversations I have with noteholders who reply to my marketing, and I enjoy being part of the secondary market which supports seller financing. 

@Mark Adams - Dawn Rickabaugh is someone else I should have mentioned to check out. Her content and monthly webinars are free, and she's very knowledgable. 

Of course, finding seller-financed notes is a PROCESS, and I disagree with the above comment on [postcards not being effective]-- actually, I've found, in over 22 years of direct-mailing note holders (and also potential referral sources) that the postcard is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your message DELIVERED. Various marketing studies have been done over the years which suggest that your recipient has an average of somewhere around a 7-second attention span before he/she "pitches" your card. However, if you can deliver your message AT A GLANCE, and it looks professional enough AND you tell them to KEEP your card for future reference, you may be surprised as to how well your closing ratio improves over time.

(I usually START OUT with a letter and then follow up with postcards. Most of your closings are going to come on the followup, and that's where most note players fail-- they expect to get results on the first mailing. Most of the time, it doesn't work that way.)

Fact is, MOST direct mail is discarded and a 2% response rate is generally considered good in ANY kind of direct mail program across industries. But, in the note business, if your marketing piece is good enough AND (this is key) you are mailing to a QUALITY list of BONA FIDE note holders you should be able to make AT LEAST $2,000 for every $500 you spend if you are brokering, for example.

P.S. I think Leland's a good man. He's been in business since at least 1993.

@Don Konipol

I'm new to this whole note investing side of real estate. My question is if I created a note let's say a 90k note at 9.25% 20 years total on a SFR worth 110k preforming well for 12 months what could I sell that note for and how hard/easy would it be to sell?

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