Good resources for Tax Liens, Foreclosures and/or Mortgage Notes

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That's a pretty broad range of subjects. You might want to start with some books that give you an overview until you figure out where you want to specialize and then drill in more. For mortgage notes Paper Profits by Josh Andrews or Note Investing Made Easier by Martin Saenz are good places to start. I've heard that Dave Van Horn's book is good as well but I haven't read it myself. I'm not sure about tax liens since that's not my area, but as John mentioned there are a ton of resources on this site.

Tax liens are state specific. If you choose to invest in Tax Liens or Tax Deeds you should research individual states for the pros and cons in that state.  Then find someone who makes that type of investment in that state.

@John Underwood...Thanks, I was amazed (after making my post) how informative this website is...going forward I will work backward (a) digest all the info and (b) then ask questions. :) Thank again!

@Dan Deppen...Thanks, these book suggestions are going to narrow down my niche approach. Also, I checked out your profile on and we share similar backgrounds (MBA, Project Management exp.). Its good to see this environment welcome's our skill set. Thanks again!

@Robert Sims...Thanks, finding a mentor (who I can add value to) is my top goal. Also, I agree seeking out legal advice (as I've come to understand) is a good next step. Avoiding as many mistakes in advance is an immeasurable recipe for success. Thanks again!