Rochester, NY--Mixed Use

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Good Afternoon BP!

I just closed on a 4 unit mixed use building in the 19th ward.

The 3 apartments are in great shape.  However, the mini mart that is there is a potential problem.

PROS- The mini mart can bring in a lot of money.  

Cons- It attracts unwanted behavior.  Also, I am next to a neighbor that owns a business that wants the mini mart gone.  I would rather not have an enemy neighbor If I can help it.

Anyone have any ideas on how to make the best decision for myself and the neighborhood.?

Maybe it isn't the "mini mart" that is the problem, rather the operator of the mini mart.  We had a similar situation.  Solution: Get a better operator!  The new mini mart owner is a dream to work with, and he has turned around the quality of traffic by operating above the board.

Hope that helps!